Monday, 6 April 2009


Words & Music by Gil Turner (1962)

Come all you good people if you want to hear
About a politician that we have 'round here
He takes the people's money
He ought to be ashamed
He's a big shot up in Albany, Carlino is his name

They passed a law in Albany, didn't take much time
Carlino was the engineer, he rammed it down the line
A hundred million dollars, said Nelson Rockefel
We gotta dig some shelters to save us all from Hell

There's a company called Lancer, Carlino's on their team
Their shelters are made of fibreglass, well, isn't that a scream
They're building public coffins, the large economy size
But if they make ten million bucks, well that's free enterprise

If you want to make some money, here's an easy way
Get the people all afraid of comin' Judgement Day
Pay off the politicians and get 'em on your side
Make 'em say we can't have peace, so let's all run and hide

Some folks think that shelters will save them when it's time
They're building them in secrecy, well isn't that a crime
If it gets too crowded in that room below the ground
Even bought a rifle to shoot their neighbor down

Listen friends and neighbors I've one more thing to say
This human race of people has come a long, long way
I will not face my brother -- put a bullet in his head
Let's stop these fears and profiteers and fight for peace instead

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