Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Revolution Is Televised

by M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D

As I endlessly stare at Al Jazeera and CNN and strain to hear a message of hope from someone..anyone.. and dissect it.. placing it in comparison with all the coups of history having occurred in my lifetime.. I cannot help but run Phil Ochs' “CRUCIFIXION” over and over again in my mind and endlessly wipe my eyes. These people will either live or die.. and all will eventually die. These people will struggle as they have never struggled before.. and their pain will pour from their flesh like fire and like ice. These people and their future generations will win almost as much as they will lose. History reminds me that evil is overcome only for short stretches of time. It hovers over the newborn waiting for the first sign of weakness.. waiting for the ill and the maimed. Inevitably the workers who have overcome the hive succumb to a queen. Inevitably, the lovers find fault and crush the spirit that dared them to challenge the odds of everlasting.

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