Monday, 3 January 2011

Phil Ochs in the News

Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune -- Film Review
by David Rooney
The Hollywood Reporter
Kenneth Bowser's terrific documentary is a poignant portrait of an uncompromising artist who, despite a struggle with depression that eventually led to his suicide at age 35, believed in the power of music as a tool for social and political change.

Phil Ochs Lives!
by Michael Simmons
The Huffington Post
The late Phil Ochs, one of the greatest singer/songwriters of the 1960s on a rarified perch with Dylan, Joni and Cohen, wasn't a household name but he was big enough to have affected a lot of people. Director/writer Kenneth Bowser's powerful documentary of his life is called Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune and it'll tweak your empathy gland while breaking your heart.

Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune | Film Review
by Joseph Jon Lanthier
Slant Magazine
Nearly 50 years on, the relegation of folk-pop recording artist Phil Ochs to the turgid second rung of 1960s protest singers seems more an act of twisted fate than an informed critical judgment.

Preview of New Film on Phil Ochs, Opening This Week
by Greg Mitchell
The Nation
This Wednesday, in New York at the IFC theater, a new documentary about folk singer / political activist will open. Direced by Kenneth Bowser, it's titled, after one of his greatest songs, "Phil Ochs: There But For Forture, and it will debut in at last nine other cities between now and March. I've screened it, and it's quite excellent, with commentary by, among others, Sean Penn, Tom Hayden, Joan Baez, Christopher Hitchens, Bill Bragg, Paul Krassner and Peter Yarrow.

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