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MOBE Organizing Mock Inauguration

January 15, 1969

Lantern Staff Writer

Between 100 and 150 Ohio State students and Columbus residents are expected to travel to Washington D.C. this weekend for a counter inauguration, according to George Vargo, Education-4 and a National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam (MOBE) volunteer. MOBE is sponsoring the counter-inauguration to protest the inauguration of President-elect Richard Nixon.

Buses will be provided for transportation, Vargo said. The buses will leave the University area on 10 p.m. Friday and will depart from Washington at 10 p.m. Sunday. Round trip tickets will cost $16.

Those interested in buses or more information should call The Ohio Peace Action Council at 299-3223, Vargo said.

Ohio Headquarters

Ohioians may stay at the Ohio Movement Center at Brightwood Park Methodist Church, 8 Jefferson, NW, where they will be able to eat and sleep. Most people are bringing sleeping bags and blankets, Vargo said. Food will be distributed at the church.

Workshops on militarism, imperialism, racism and women's liberation are scheduled for Saturday at Federal City College, Vargo said.

'Political Confrontation'

A counter-inaugural parade which will seek "a political, not a physical confrontation" with the Administration is planned for Sunday.

Demonstrations will include a counter-inauguration and a counter-state-of-the-union message and will precede a counter-inaugural ball.

The counter-inaugural ball will be held in a tent behind the White House and will feature Janis Joplin, Judy Collins, Phil Ochs and the Fugs.

On Monday an "organized presence" of the MOBE movement will be formed along the inaugural parade route, Vargo said. A guerrilla theatre will perform skits during the time the parade is marching.


Jeff said...

I was at the counter inauguration on Jan. 19, 1969. In the evening was a counter inaugural ball in a huge circus tent, I think where the Holocaust Museum is now.

Phil got up to sing. After the first song he said "Can you hear the words?" From way in the back came a voice "We know the words!"

Anonymous said...

Remember the guy who did the breathing thing with the crowd. When everyone stood up and yelled peace the crowd passed out. Janice was on stage with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Joints were being thrown to the crowd from a scaffolding that had lights for the stage. What a time!

Freddy Lubin said...

Yeah, I was there, marching with the Yippies. Still have my NO PARKING - PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURAL sigh.

Freddy Lubin said...

Yeah, I was there, marching with the YIPPIES. Still have my PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION - NO PARKING sigh, provided with love by the the local cops.