Thursday, 14 October 2010

No Rally . . . But Teach-in Still On

May 5, 1965

The Free Speech Front (FSF) rally scheduled for today has been postponed until Friday, when New York folk-singer Phil Ochs, a former Ohio State student, will appear.

Ochs left the University in 1962 and since has recorded two Elektra albums and sung at the Newport Folk Festival.

Speakers at the rally will include two faculty members, two graduate students and two members of the FSF co-ordinating committee.

Jeffrey Schwartz, the group's spokesman, says an important announcement about future FSF plans will be made. Arrangements are being made to reserve the Oval for 4 p.m.

Schwartz said last night that "As of now we plan to take no direct action on Corps Day (Thursday) and urge others only to attend the teach-in at University Hall."

Six professors from the Arts and Education colleges will conduct the teach-in in the "best interests of the University" beginning at 10 a.m.

Volunteers for the project are Drs. Gordon Grigsby, English; Marvin Fox, philosophy; Bernard Mehl, education; Clayton Roberts, history; David Spitz, political science; David Kettler, political science.

Each will deliver a 45-minute lecture in the U Hall auditorium and then go to a classroom to discuss his topic with anyone interested.

FSF is sponsoring the teach-in as a channel for constructive criticism, an expression of serious student interest and an opportunity for closer faculty-student contact.

The schedule follows:

10, Grigsby, "Introduction: The Problems of the University."

11, Fox, "Student Responsibility."

12, Mehl, "Student Involvement Outside the Classroom."

1, Roberts, "Research vs. Teaching in a University."

2, Spitz, "The Dark Side of University Teaching."

3, Kettler, "Power, Reason and Absurdity: So What?"

Other faculty members are expected to join the informal post-lecture discussions.

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