Thursday, 22 October 2009

Bob Dylan and Selections from the Newport Folk Festival - July 27, 1963

The Saturday morning set of Newport 1963 (July 27) on Porch 1 was hosted by Jean Ritchie and featured Sam Hinton, Bess Lomax Hawes, Clarence Ashley, Judy Collins, Paul Clayton, Joan Baez, Dock Boggs, Raun MacKinnon, Doc Watson, Jane Chatfield, Bob Davenport, Tony Snow, Jean Redpath, Jim Garland, Tom Paxton, and Bob Dylan.

Video from that day:

Bob Dylan took the stage at the end of the set and began with a captivating performance of "North Country Blues":

He then closed off the morning set with Joan Baez and the song "With God on Our Side" (referencing Jean Redpath, who earlier had played "The Patriot Game," the inspiration behind this song):

Other songs performed that day:

Clarence Ashley - "The House Carpenter":

Judy Collins - "The Great Silkie":

Joan Baez - "The Unquiet Grave":

The complete set list was as follows:

1. Jean Ritchie - Barbara Allen
2. Sam Hinton - Great God I'm Feelin' Bad
3. Sam Hinton - Three Nights Drunk (Our Goodman)
4. Bess Lomax Hawes - An Old Lady
5. Clarence Ashley - The House Carpenter
6. Judy Collins - The Great Silkie
7. Paul Clayton - The Two Sisters
8. Jean Ritchie - (chat)
9. Joan Baez - The Unquiet Grave
10. Dock Boggs - Rowan County Crew
11. Raun MacKinnon - Ballad of Haute Midi
12. Doc Watson - Little Orphan Girl
13. Jane Chatfield - The Green Bed
14. Bob Davenport - Seven Day Drunk
15. Bob Davenport - Shoals of Herring
16. Tony Snow - Fungus
17. Jean Redpath - The Patriot Game
18. Jim Garland - The Death of Harry Simms
19. Tom Paxton - Sully's Pail
20. Bob Dylan - North Country Blues
21. Bob Dylan & Joan Baez - With God on Our Side

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