Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Calling on Bob Dylan Fans: Can You Identify the Photographers?

For these two photos featuring Bob Dylan and Phil Ochs, I have been unable to identify the photographers. If you happen to know who took these photos, please post in the comments section below.

Photo #1 - Newport Folk Festival - late July 1964

Photo #2 - Felt Forum (An Evening with Salvador Allende), NYC - May 9, 1974


Anonymous said...

The first photo from 1964 is credited in the book "BOB DYLAN - The Illustrated Record" as being by Jim Marshall (funny, I'd've put money on David Gahr)

Life of a Rebel said...

Thanks so much for your help.

Anonymous said...

Second one by Mark Millman? (similar one, similar angle in Crawdaddy)

Life of a Rebel said...

Thanks for your reply. The Millman shots in Crawdaddy are actually from a Vancouver show in 1969.

Life of a Rebel said...

To add more info to photo #2, I know the following photographers took pictures that night:

Waring Abbott
Bob Gruen
Chuck Pulin

If anyone could narrow it down, or add more names to this list, it would be greatly appreciated!

Mark Millman said...

Mark Millman can confirm that he didn't take the picture. (wishes he had though).