Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Revolution Is In Your Head

Eugene Rosenthal. Dist Adelphi Films. 10 Mar 1970 [Washington, D. C., opening: c17 Aug 1969; MP20138]. Sd; col. 16mm. 75 min. [Copyright length: 70 min.]

Prod-Dir Eugene Rosenthal. Photog William Hatfield, Joel Jacobson. Film Ed Joel Jacobson, William Hatfield, Gayle Moore. Sd Kurt Wittig, Van Wood.

Featuring: Phil Ochs, Paul Krassner, Urch Perch, The Fugs, The Fallen Angels, Hog Farm, Pigasus the Pig, Pat Pig.

Documentary. The film concerns the counter-inaugural activites of January 17-20, 1969 (coinciding with the inauguration of President Nixon), organized by the Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam (Mobe). The events of the weekend are depicted in chronological order, beginning with scenes in the offices of Mobe, showing preparation for the march. Next are the activities in the workshops at the Hawthorne School and the tent raising on Friday and Saturday. The middle section shows the rallies, speeches, the march, and the mock inauguration of Pigasus and Pat Pig, two pigs representing the new President and his wife. The Young Americans for Freedom Ball at the Washington Hilton Hotel is also shown. The final section of the film is devoted to the Mobe-Yippie Ball held under the circus tent.

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen this film? I attended the 1969 Counter Inaugural Ball, and would love to see this film!