Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The War Is Over

A sampling from the songs included in The War Is Over

Cops of the World
We'll spit through the streets of the cities we wreck,
And we'll find you a leader that you can elect.

Love Me, I'm a Liberal
And I love Puerto Ricans and Negroes, as long as they don't live next door.

Flower Lady
But nobody's buying flowers from the flower lady.

The Party
And their conversation sparkles as their wits are dipped in wine--
Dinosaurs on a diet, on each other they will dine.

The War Is Over
Silent soldiers on a silver screen;
Framed in fantasies and drugged in dreams;
Unpaid actors of the mystery.
The mad director knows that freedom will not make you free,
And what's this got to do with me?

When I'm Gone
And you won't find me singin' on this song, when I'm gone.
So I guess I'll have to do it while I'm here!

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